Waltham Local First was founded on November 13, 2013.

We are a network of independent and locally owned businesses working to build a strong local economy. We do this by bringing together independent businesses for mutual benefit and educating the public about the benefits of purchasing from locally owned businesses.

Local First Objectives

  • To raise awareness among consumers, businesses, and government agencies of the ¬†importance of buying locally and to inform them about the locally owned businesses that exist in Waltham.
  • To support locally owned businesses by encouraging consumers to spend more of their purchasing dollars locally. Even a 10% increase in local purchasing would make a profound difference in the economic sustainability of locally owned businesses and the health of the community.
  • To strengthen the local economy. Several studies have shown that national chains spend 13% of their sales locally, while locally owned businesses spend upwards of 45% of their sales locally.
  • To support public policy that improves the business environment for locally owned businesses.
  • To preserve the unique character of our community.