Member Profile: Stephen Bernardi – Johnson Compounding & Wellness

Johnson Compounding & Wellness has been operating in Waltham since 1852(!), and Steve and Diane Bernardi are only the third family to own the business in its 162+ year history.

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To help us all get acquainted with Steve and his remarkable business, we asked him a few questions:

What inspired you to buy Johnson Compounding & Wellness?
We were inspired to buy our business because, as pharmacists/employees of other pharmacies, we were unable to practice our profession the way we believed it should be done.

Steve and Diane BernardiWhat do you enjoy most about working in Waltham?
What I enjoy most about working in Waltham is our staff. We have over 50 pharmacists/technicians/students and customer service reps that represent over 18 different countries/cultures and languages spoken. We greatly appreciate the dedication they have to their jobs as well as to us as the owners.

What is your favorite product or service among those that you offer?
We have tens of thousands of different products so it would be hard to name one my favorite. My favorite service we offer is individualized prescriptions that we make that are exactly what the doctor ordered so that we fit the medication to the patient and not the other way around.

What’s one thing that you want everyone to know about your business?
The one thing I would want everyone to know about our business is that we are not just family owned but also family operated so that our oversight of the day to day operation is a reflection of how we feel people should be treated with exceptional customer service. Our goal is to make our customers interaction with us the best part of their day on any given occasion.

Johnson Compounding & Wellness Staff

What’s one fact about your business that you think might surprise people?
I think people would be surprised to know that we employ over 50 people in the limited space that we have.

What activities do you enjoy when you’re not working?
My wife and I both enjoy fishing when we’re not working. My wife additionally enjoys helping our children take care of their children, and I am a golf fanatic.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about yourself or your business?
I think the most important thing a business brings to its community is the ability to give back and this is something we strive to constantly do.